In our Online CBD Shop in Madrid you can buy CBD oil or CBD Vaper Liquids.

What is a CBD Eliquid or CBD Vaper Liquid?

CBD e-liquids, also known as CBD vaper liquids, are applied to vapers and these devices in turn, convert the liquid into vapour that is inhaled by the consumer.

Vaping has become increasingly common around the world, with many people looking for alternatives to smoking. Some vape products contain nicotine to facilitate the transfer from smoking to vaping; others are completely nicotine-free and users can consume certain substances safely and effectively, just as they do with CBD.

To summarise, the CBD liquids you can buy for your vaper in our Madrid Online Shop are CBD liquids without nicotine.
What are CBD oils?

CBD oils or tinctures are becoming more and more common and are readily available without a prescription in many shops. These oils are often sold with a dropper and referred to as a 'tincture', which is used in a variety of ways, for example, under the tongue (sublingual), infused into food or as a topical solution.

Having outlined the definition of CBD eliquids and CBD oil, it is important to be clear that both are perfectly safe for oral and topical consumption, but should not be confused or altered in their mode of use.

An important clarification is that CBD oils should never be used in a vaper, their use is limited to topical use in Spain or oral use in other EU countries.
Differences between CBD oil and CBD liquid

CBD oil products are generally made by combining a CBD extract with a food grade oil, commonly olive, hemp or coconut oil. Some of these may contain flavourings to make the oil taste more pleasant for oral consumption, but this oil is not designed to be exposed to the high temperatures of vaporisation and if it is subjected to that process, it can cause an unpleasant, potentially harmful vapour and possibly damage the resistance of your vaporiser and cause health problems.