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600 Puffs - 700 Puffs


€4.00 - €8.00


Wholesaler Lost Mary

It is the sub-brand of the Chinese manufacturer Elf Bar with a new format of vaper in the shape of a flask. It stands out for its striking colors, an improved autonomy, a greater amount of vapor production. In addition, this version is available with 20mg of nicotine, 2ml capacity to provide up to 600 puffs of intense flavors. The Lost Mary BM600 device complies with the Spanish TPD regulation.

Where to Buy Lost Mary BM600 Pods?

If you are looking for a disposable pod of 600 real puffs, with a flask format to be able to vape for hours, the Vape Disposable Lost Mary BM600 is your vape.

Introducing the new Lost Mary Disposable Pods, manufactured by ELF BAR. One of the best current brands in the marking of disposable electronic cigarettes.

The new Lost Mary BM600 Disposable Pods, manufactured by ELF BAR. Lost Mary is one of the best current brands in the marking of Disposable Vaper.

Buy your Lost Mary disposable vaper at the cheapest price on the market.

The Lost Mary disposable pod of 600 puff that is causing a furor in tobacconists throughout Spain.

The Lost Mary Vape is trending in the vapers market this year 2023. With the launch of his lost mary bm600 has been placed at No. 1 among wholesale disposable vapers, this is due to its wide range of flavors, and is that the Vaper Lost Mary has broken all schemes in terms of intensity and variety.

Distribution Vapers Lost Mary

In masquevapor we import the Lost Mary Vaper directly from the manufacturer located in Shenzen (China), thus obtaining the representation of the brand as Lost Mary Spain, being able to offer stock with shipment in 24 hours, and the best prices of Lost Mary wholesale.

You can choose between 24 different delicious flavors of Lost Mary Vapers, fruity touches, with freshness, and multiple nuances that you will taste in each puff of this vape.

If you have not yet tried any Lost Mary vape do not miss the opportunity, you can buy the Lost Mary BM600 vaper in any of our vape stores, or if you are interested in its re-sale you can contact us through the information below.

Lost Mary Wholesale

- Lost Mary Disposable Vapers have a MTL vape experience with up to 600 puff approximate.

- The battery of the Lost Mary disposable vapers is 550 mAh.

- The Lost Mary Disposable Vape is available in non-nicotine and 20mg nicotine vape versions.

- Its e liquid tank is 2ml.

- The Lost Mary BM600 has a super comfortable, compact and colorful design.

Lost Mary Disposable Vaper Distributor

✅  In MASQUEVAPOR® We are Distributor of Disposable Pods Lost Mary BM600 with 24 Hours Shipping to all Spain.

✅  We accept Cash on Delivery.

✅  Since 2013 one of the Leading companies in the Vape and Disposable Vapers Sector.