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600 Puffs - 8100 Puffs


€6.00 - €18.00

✅ In MASQUEVAPOR® We are Distributor of Disposable Pods with 24 Hours Shipping to all Spain.

✅ We accept cash on delivery.

✅ Since 2013 one of the Leading Companies in the Vapeo Sector and Disposable Vapers.


Email: distribucion@masquevapor.com

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If you want to Buy Disposable Pods wholesale for your Company, do not hesitate to write us by WhatsApp, Email, or call us by Phone.



In MASQUEVAPOR® Vaping Store we have the largest variety of Disposable Pods in Madrid you can Buy the best Disposable Vapers.

What Are Disposable Pods?

A Disposable Electronic Cigarette, Disposable Pod, Disposable Vaper or "Use and Dispose" Electronic Cigarette is a very portable, small size Electronic Vaping Device, which includes Pre-filled Vaper Liquid.

Is a Disposable Vaper the same as a Disposable Pod?

Yes, both are valid ways to name Electronic Cigarettes "Use and Dispose". Although the most common way to name them is Disposable Pod or Disposable Pod if we do it in English.

Can You Quit Smoking With Disposable Pods?

If the question is whether they will reduce your urge to smoke, the answer is YES.

In our Vape Store we have Disposable Pods With Nicotine or Without Nicotine, if what you want is to get to stop smoking gradually you can buy a Disposable Vaper with Nicotine, if on the contrary you prefer to Leave the Nicotine at once, we also have the option of Pods Nicotine Free Disposables.

How to Use a Disposable Pod?

Disposable Pods are the simplest devices to use as they do not require any maintenance (From the moment you take them out of their packaging they already have both a battery and a liquid charge).

You just have to suck through its mouthpiece and it will start working. Once its duration is over, you must deposit it in a battery recycling container in order to collaborate with the maintenance of the environment since these devices contain lithium batteries inside.

This charge of Vaping Liquid is usually synchronized with the battery life of the Disposable Vaper, so you will never experience a "burnt" taste (because the liquid has run out but the battery is still charged)

How Long Does A Disposable Pod Last?

Disposable Pods, unlike normal Vapers, are single-use devices, that is, they have a limited number of puffs (400 puffs / 600 puffs / 800 puffs ...) and once that limit is reached, the device stops working due to exhaustion. of your battery.

Normally they have a 2ml charge of Nicotine Salts Vaper Liquid, sufficient quantity for the use of the Pod until the battery charge is complete.

The approximate duration of the Disposable Pod is usually between 1 and several days depending on the number of puffs made by the Vape.

What Are The Benefits Of Buying Disposable Pods?

A Disposable Pod eliminates the hassle of changing cartridges and recharging batteries. It is preloaded with Vaper Liquid, it is a nicotine salts Vaping Liquid which facilitates the satisfaction and satiety of the user who wants to Quit Smoking. Therefore, with these compact and lightweight devices we forget to change the cartridge, charge the battery or recharge the Eliquido.

They are "Use and Throw" Electronic Cigarettes very convenient for traveling, to replace the Traditional Cigarette at Weddings, as an alternative to Electronic Shishas and Hookahs in Pubs, Discotheques and Events. For this reason the Purchase of Disposable Pods in Spain is growing at a very accelerated rate, since they can have the same amount of Nicotine as other non-disposable Vapers but being much more portable and easy to maintain.

If you want to Buy Disposable Pods in Madrid, you have it very easy, we have 4 Disposable Pods and Vapers Stores in Madrid, with which you can physically pick them up in any of them. If, on the other hand, you live in another town, you can Buy Disposable Pods in Spain from any location, through the internet in our Online Store of Disposable Pods, and you will receive it in 24 Hours!

What Is The Price Of Disposable Pods?

In our catalog we have a wide variety of prices and models. From the Cheap Disposable Pods with a starting price of around € 6 to € 10.

If you are a Company and want to Buy Disposable Pods Wholesale, we remind you that we are Wholesalers and we have cheap Disposable Pods prices with various price ranges according to purchase volume.

If you are interested in Buying Disposable Pods for your Company, do not hesitate to contact us at the following email and telephone number:

Email: pro@masquevapor.com

Telephone. +34 91 870 68 01

At MASQUEVAPOR® we are Disposable Pods Wholesalers and we carry out Wholesale Disposable Pods for Companies and Events.

We are leaders in the sale of disposable pods and we have a wide portfolio of clients such as Hookah Stores, Shisha Shops, Tobacconists, Pubs, Discotheques, Bars, Restaurants, Gas Stations, and Party, Wedding and Event Companies.

What Are The Best Brands Of Disposable Pods?

We always work with Quality Products, These are the Best Brands of Disposable Pods:

- Disposable Pods Geek Bar

- Disposable Pods Frunk Bar

- Disposable Stick Pods

- Hyppe Plus Disposable Pods

- Frumist Disposable Pods