CHERRY Flavor Concentrate Atmos Lab VAPE


CHERRY Flavor Concentrate Atmos Lab

The Cherry aroma by Atmos Lab sounds like a delicious choice for those who enjoy the authentic taste and aroma of red cherries. With its distinctive aroma and pleasant, slightly sweet taste, this flavour will give you a vape experience that will transport you to a cherry orchard in full harvest.

When vaping Atmos Lab Cherry aroma, you will enjoy the authentic taste of red cherries, offering a combination of sweetness and freshness that is distinctive to this delicious fruit. Its aroma will envelop you with its natural scent, giving you a pleasant and evocative sensation with every puff.

If you are looking for an aroma that gives you the authentic essence of red cherries and allows you to enjoy a pleasant and slightly sweet flavoured vape, the Cherry aroma by Atmos Lab will be an excellent choice. Prepare to be immersed in the sweetness and freshness of cherries with every puff and enjoy a vape experience that will remind you of the deliciousness of this juicy and tasty fruit, enjoy the authentic red cherry flavour in your vape and be captivated by its natural charm!

Bottle: 10 ML

Recommended dosage: 5%.

Recommended mash time: 7 days

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CHERRY Flavor Concentrate Atmos Lab

Cherry Aroma by Atmos Lab is an excellent choice for those looking for a fruity and sweet cherry flavour in their vaping experience. This aroma captures the sweet and delicious taste of ripe cherries. Each puff offers a fruity and sugary hit that is very appealing to those who enjoy fruit flavours in their vape. Cherry is known for its natural sweetness and distinctive flavour, and this aroma gives you an authentic cherry experience with every vape.

The suggested dilution for this flavour is 5% when mixed with your preferred liquid base. However, the exact concentration can be adjusted to your personal preference to get the level of flavour you like best. Cherry by Atmos Lab comes in 10ml glass bottles with a dropper, making it easy to use and mix with your liquid base.

This flavour is perfect for those who want to enjoy a sweet and fruity cherry flavour in their vaping experience. You can customise the strength to get the level of flavour intensity that suits you best - enjoy the sweet and delicious cherry scent with every puff!

Suggested dilution: 5%.

Content: 10 ml



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