COCONUT Flavor Concentrate Atmos Lab VAPE

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COCONUT Flavor Concentrate Atmos Lab





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COCONUT Flavor Concentrate Atmos Lab

Atmos Lab's Coconut flavour sounds like a delicious option for those who enjoy the authentic and fresh taste of coconut. With its signature aroma and flavour, this flavour will give you a vape experience that will transport you to a tropical paradise, enjoying the sweetness and freshness of fresh coconut.

When vaping Atmos Lab's Coconut aroma, you will enjoy the authentic taste of coconut, which offers a combination of sweetness and freshness that is distinctive to this tropical fruit. Its aroma will envelop you with its delicious scent, giving you a pleasant and evocative sensation with every puff.

If you are looking for an aroma that gives you the authentic essence of fresh coconut and allows you to enjoy a tropical and exotic vape, Atmos Lab's Coconut aroma will be an excellent choice. Get ready to immerse yourself in the sweetness and freshness of coconut with every puff and enjoy a vape experience that will transport you to a heavenly place with Atmos Lab's Coconut aroma. Enjoy the authentic fresh coconut flavour in your vape and let yourself be carried away by the magic of tropical flavours!

Bottle: 10 ML

Recommended dosage: 5%.

Recommended mash time: 7 days

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