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We present a firm candidate to be in your ato, if you like cold fruit trees.

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Masquevapor Arganda

 Avenida de Madrid, 5 - 28500 - 28500 Arganda del Rey - Madrid - España

 918 70 68 01


Masquevapor Móstoles

 Calle Carmen, 4 - 28931 - 28931 Móstoles - Madrid - España

 910 66 79 14


Masquevapor Vallecas

 C/ Pedro laborde, 23 - Local 7 - 28018 - 28018 Madrid - Madrid - España

 915 27 12 11


Masquevapor Goya

 Calle Antonia Mercé, 8 - 28009 Madrid - Madrid - España

 914 91 54 20


Masquevapor La Elipa

 Avenida del Marqués de Corbera, 52 - 28017 Madrid - Madrid - España

 915 13 19 03


Masquevapor Carabanchel

 C. de la Laguna, 99 - 28025 Madrid - Madrid - España

 915 13 11 29


Masquevapor Bravo Murillo

 C/ Marqués de Leis, 1 - 28020 Madrid - Madrid - España

 917 44 43 69



Aroma Yakuza is the perfect choice for lovers of fruity flavours with a refreshing twist. This explosive blend combines tangerine and orange juice with ripe mango flavours, creating a sweet and vibrant flavour profile. It's rounded out with a medium-high freshness note that makes it ideal for beating the heat.

Looking for a fruity flavour that makes you feel like you're enjoying an explosion of flavours on your palate? Aroma Yakuza gives you just that. Tangerine and orange bring a refreshing citrus sweetness, while ripe mango adds a depth of flavour and fruity richness. This blend is a real feast for your senses.

Best of all, you'll have this delicious flavour ready within minutes of mixing, thanks to its special Shake&Vape formulation that contains no accelerating agents. This means you can enjoy Yakuza right away, without waiting for long maceration times.

Content: 30ml

Recommended Dose: 20 - 24%

Recommended maceration time: 20 - 25 Days

Concentrated aroma dilute together with a PG / VG base

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20% 70VG/30PG

Esto es más o menos Fanta Mango.
El naranja está al frente y muy presente, mientras que mango es solo un toque pero apoya al naranja de buena manera.
Este sabor tiene un dulzor muy ligero y bien hecho, que me gusta mucho.
Sin bomba de sucralosa.

20% 70VG/30PG

This is pretty much Fanta Mango.
The orange is in front and very present, while the mango is just a hint but it supports the orange in a good way.
This flavor has very light and well made sweetness, which I really like.
No sucralose bomb.

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